Surrogacy Birth in Ukraine - What Actually Happens


Having twin boys in Ukraine by way of a surrogate is quite something to experience.  You get to feel the thrill of having more children, but you also get to feel utterly illiterate, terrified, clueless and sad despite your excitement.  My wife and I went to Ukraine in the summer of 2017 for the surrogate birth of our twin sons. 

Every single day was a cornucopia of emotions.  I'm quite sure very few people could tell this story.  That's why I want to tell the world what it's like to go through a surrogacy birth in Ukraine.  This Web site is a glimpse into that experience.  The full novel will be released soon. 

In the meantime, you can check out the blog that will give you some ideas as to what happened and what it was like to live in Eastern Europe as about as foreign-y a foreigner as a foreigner could ever be.  



Learn more about me and my family, both the inspirations for having our boys and the miracles that arrived.

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The Blog

Get a glimpse into what everyday life is like in Kyiv for an American.

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